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About Us

Vedant Loyalka

(Founder & Chairman)​


Mission Statement  "Be the most innovative company providing holistic approach to every individual’s well-being."


                                                                                                   A Note From Our Founder


At Curae Health, we love coming to work every day as we are passionate about the health supplements we make. We have a very dedicated team and collectively we know that we can make a difference. Our health supplements contain hand picked Natural Extracts and all Vitamins, Minerals used in our formulations are VEGAN.


In our team, we have one thing in common – We all believe in healthy and conscious living. We all have similar stories to share about how confused we used to get while trying to find the best health supplements for ourselves. Does it have the right composition? Does it use good quality ingredients? Has the supplement been tested for its efficiency? Will it be stable? How do we judge the credibility of the company? And after using the health supplements, we would still be left with similar questions in our mind and nobody knew the answers.


Our research team keeps all these things in mind, and follow strict procedures to find the right vitamins and minerals. All our ingredients are handpicked and go through stringent tests before going into the formulation. Consciously, all our products are VEGAN as we believe that co-living is a way to life and animals are as much a part of nature as we are. All products are made in compliance to the FSSAI regulations and follow strict guidelines set by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and we continue to invest in various programs to enhance our capabilities.