About Us

Wellness has been the epicenter of the group since its inception. We believe that it is very important to have a balanced diet for a healthy living. Today times are fast changing with increasing stress levels, more chemicals being used in food items and growing levels of pollution, it is essential to eat nutritious foods. When we are not able to get them from our daily diet it becomes important to give our body these essential nutrients through food supplements.

All our products have been formulated after a lot of research and development. The team constantly updates itself with new ingredients coming into the market and only after their trials and proper accreditations they are put into our formulations.

According to the Global Nutrition Report 2017 by the World Health Organization (WHO) – Malnutrition overall remains an immense and universal problem, with at least one in three people globally experiencing malnutrition in some form. No country is immune: almost every country in the world is facing a serious nutrition-related challenge. At the G8 and G20 summits, the world leaders also acknowledged that nutrition is important in order to achieve development goals, and recognized that food security and nutrition are key for sustainable development.