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Curae Health – Your Holistic Health Supplement Partner

Humans need a dose of proper nutrition for their bodies to function. That is what we, at Curae Health, are catering to. We believe in enhancing the body’s natural ability to function with health supplements. And our mission is to become the most innovative brand taking a holistic approach to every individual’s overall health and well-being.

Our Story

Curae Health is a health supplement provider that caters to the human body’s nutritional needs. It all started when our creator, Vedant Loyalka, found himself ordering health supplements from another country because trusted and quality health supplements in India were hard to find.

This was when he witnessed a vacuum in the health supplement industry. Along with best-in-class scientists, nutritionists and researchers, he then ideated and developed a holistic health supplement brand that answers all the common questions and misconceptions related to health supplements.

Curae was the answer to these common questions like “Does it have the right composition?” – Yes, it does. “Does it use clinically proven and quality ingredients?” – Absolutely. “Are the health supplements tested for their efficacy?” – They sure are. “Will these be harmful or have any side effects?” – Absolutely, NOT.

And there it was – the birth of Curae Health – a trusted and clinically researched health supplement brand.

Our Mission

To help people realize the true value and power of health supplements and that these are your health partners, supplementing your daily nutritional intake. Curae health aims to help people understand that health supplements are not only SAFE TO CONSUME but also that you don’t have to wait for the doctors to prescribe them. It’s like brushing your teeth; you know you have to do it to maintain good oral health.

Our Vision

To connect and engage with the urban population of this planet and change their perspective towards health supplements, encouraging them to understand that these are nutrition-packed friends that can help them make their way to a healthier, more active tomorrow.

Be the healthier version of yourself only with Curae Health.



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