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Awarded as 10 Best Nutraceutical Startup 2022 – Curae Health

Awarded as top 10 best nutraceutical startup 2022

We are over the moon to break the news that your favourite health supplement brand in India got recognition as the “Top 10 Best Nutraceuticals Startups In India – 2022.” The esteemed magazine named “SiliconIndia Start Up City” has featured the award list on their website and other portals. Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude towards our consumers, who supported our dream of spreading the idea of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. This award belongs more to our customers than to us, as they are the ones who cherish our concept and products.

The idea behind the whole process of listing and title is to promote healthy nutraceutical products. Their motive is to identify and appreciate brands that are doing well in the market while keeping in mind their social responsibility. Here, at our online store, you are receiving the benefits of healthy nutrients and clinically tested plant extracts. Moreover, every element of every supplement is present in its most raw yet polished form. All these factors have made our products the best multivitamin in India. However, grabbing these titles has given us more evidence to present why we are one of the most trustable brands of health supplements. Our products carry no artificial flavoring, preservatives, or chemicals that can harm your health in any way. Plus, it is the appreciation of our consumers who believe in us. They testified how they felt a gradual improvement in their overall health with no side effects whatsoever.

Curae Health is also very cautious of mother nature and the environment. It was always in our mind to never hurt animals or plants during any process, from manufacturing to delivering. Hence, the first thing we did was attain plastic-neutral and cruelty-free certification for all our products. This was a bit challenging for us, but we were very determined about the values and example we would like to set for the rest of the world. All that hustle was worth it when our brand became the number one choice in all societies and communities. In simpler words, strict communities like vegans who carry strong emotions towards a specific subject can also give our supplements a shot. It is because we involve no such food substances that go against anyone’s beliefs. So, you are getting the best dietary supplement without compromising your health, environment, or sentiments.

We are glad that renowned organizations and customers value our valiant effort to put the best forward regarding health and nutrition. Their token of appreciation has given us a new motivation to continue serving natural products for the betterment of our wide range of consumers. The vision and mission we set in the beginning continue to be our one true passion. We will keep on utilizing our knowledge and scientific technologies to serve you the best outcome in the form of multivitamins and health supplements.

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