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The Robust Combo Of Vitamin D And Calcium For Strong Bones

The Robust Combo Of Vitamin D And Calcium For Strong Bones

Nutrients are the key to reaching any health goals that you set for yourself. Be it good immunity, strong bones & muscles, glowing skin, healthy hair, etc. As the topic suggests, we will discuss two essential nutrients we require to maintain bone health i.e; Vitamin D and Calcium. They both work together to make our bones powerful and tough. Calcium is the building block of our bones. While vitamin D is there to ensure our bones are absorbing all the required minerals. Let’s get into the fine details of what they both do and how they empower our bones in multiple ways.

How Do Calcium & Vitamin D Sources Impact Our Bones?

Provides Strength & Structure To Bones

The strength of our bones is what determines if they are healthy or not. Or else it becomes probable that they are fragile or soft enough to break easily. So, to give them the required strength and structure, we need a nutritionally rich diet plan. There should be a proper quantity of calcium and vitamin D within all the foods you consume throughout the day. It is because they both give stability and resilience to our bones. Eventually, it makes them more powerful as the day passes. Other than that, our bones demand calcium for the proper structure and better formation. Thus, it is time to follow your mom’s advice and start gulping milk to gain the essential minerals. If you are lactose intolerant, you can get your hands on the best calcium tablets for bones. Those will give you the daily dose of both these nutrients to maintain your bone’s health. As the strength and structure of your bones will improve, the risk of bone diseases shall reduce simultaneously.

Increase Nutrient Absorption

Please note that consuming nutrients is different than absorbing them. You can regularly eat calcium-rich food products but still be vulnerable to calcium deficiency. The reason is that our bodies require help from other vitamins and minerals to absorb this macronutrient. Here, vitamin D comes as support because it does exactly that. It assists our bones in absorbing all the calcium that is floating within our cells or bloodstreams. Plus, it has advantages of its own in order to keep our bones intact. Even if you look at any nutrition supplements for bones, they include vitamin D for the same purpose. In other words, calcium can only do its magic if it has vitamin D as its back. Besides, this vitamin also aids in absorbing phosphorus, which is an essential mineral for bone growth. So, concentrate on nutrient absorption if you do not want to waste the nutrients of your balanced diet. Only then would you be able to experience the magical benefits of the healthy food you consume.

Vitamin D And Calcium Regulates Bone Mineralization

Bone mineralization is the name of the process in which there is an addition of minerals within the bone matrix. Those minerals are calcium and phosphorus. This process is what brings hardness and strength to our bones. If our daily meals are low in vitamin D, it can hamper our mineralization to a certain extent. Please note that if the process turns out to be excessive or insufficient, it will definitely bother our bone tissues. Plus, it puts us at risk of several health troubles like coronary atherosclerosis, rickets, renal failure, etc. Hence, it is a really important procedure if we want our bones to be strong and have high-quality tissues. Going for calcium vitamin D3 tablets is a safe bet in this case. It is because these pills will not let your bones lack these nutrients. Plus, they have extra elements in them that promote good bone mineralization. Also, make sure to eat lots of veggies as they will naturally contribute to the same.

Assists In Growth And Repairment

No matter the age group, the need for calcium and vitamin D is constant. Children require it for growth; adults need it for strength; the elderly wishes to avoid bone diseases and pain. In fact, most calcium supplements that are organic in nature work effectively as a joint pain remedy. Both these nutrients gel together to make our bones grow strong and in the right structure. Because calcium is also the building block of our bones, we need it the most during the period of healing. Vitamin D comes into play with its bone mineralization and nutrition absorption power. Other minerals like phosphorus are also necessary during bone repair as it produces protein for the same purpose. In a way, they all work together so that your bones can heal from breakage or fracture as soon as possible. Plus, they will also keep you safe from future joint pains or bone diseases that often come with age.

Enhances Bone Density

The one way to confirm if your bones are strong is if your bone density is good. Bone density is the amount of minerals present in the specific volume of bones. That can increase if your foods and beverages are high in calcium and phosphorus. If your score is between -1 to +1, your bone density is considered fine. However, if it is less than -1, you should begin to work on it. This score depicts that your bones are fragile and soft. They are easily breakable and need more calcium to gain strength. If the score is -2.5 or lower, you should immediately seek medical help. It is a hint towards osteoporosis, which is a severe disease. You may have understood by now that the better the bone density rate, the stronger they are. In order to increase your score, there are three minerals you should focus on. That includes calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. They all work together to strengthen your bones and make them robust.

Get Your Hands On All The Best Vitamin D & Calcium Sources!

Now, you are better aware of why and which nutrients you need to focus on for healthy bones. It is easier to stick to your diet when you also have a nutritional understanding of it. You would know how your meals are uplifting your health through what ways. Thus, your diet should be rich in vitamin D and calcium to gain bones as strong as steel. It includes dairy products, green leafy vegetables, lentils, seafood, fortified cereals or drinks, etc. Besides, sunlight is the best way to soak the maximum amount of vitamin D. Lastly, always remember to work out and stay physical activity. The more you work on metabolism and muscular strength, the better it is for your bones.

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