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7 Best Stomach Burning Home Remedy for Quick Relief

Burning Sensation in Stomach

Have you ever been in a stomach-on-fire situation? It is one of the most embarrassing moments to be in. Sometimes, we need instant hacks to get out of that problem. The only best way to do it is by utilizing the benefits of ingredients present in our home. Therefore, we are telling you some effective stomach burning home remedy to try in emergencies. As you read the blog, you will learn there are numerous options available to do so. But before we get into it, we need to reflect a bit on what triggers the burning sensation in the stomach. The better we understand the cause, the better our chances of getting the correct treatment.

What Are Stomach Burning Causes?

It is important that we look at the causes as it can help us to prevent getting into that situation. We will also mention the food and habits that trigger such action. But first, let’s understand the scientific theory behind it. The reason for stomach burning is the reverse action of our stomach acid, which fails to restrict re-entering of food in the esophagus (food pipeline). This activity creates an acidic or burning experience inside our guts. It can be really painful to our chest and stomach. So, when someone is in such circumstances, they need quick stomach burning remedies to resolve the issue as fast as possible. The food or habits that generally cause this to happen are as below:


Consuming fatty foods

Having Too Much Caffeine

Lying down after meals


Smoking Or Alcohol Consumption

By avoiding the above pointers, the chances of your heartburn will eventually decrease. So, let’s jump into the solutions straight.

How To Stop Burning In Stomach Naturally & Effectively

Prebiotics & Probiotics Are Always There To Help

Probiotics are the live bacteria or yeast that go inside our body to support gut microbes. They help good bacteria residing inside to fight and eliminate harmful microorganisms. Prebiotics are the plant fiber that acts as food for the gut microbes so they can stay healthy and strong. We need both prebiotics and probiotic for gut health for it to remain intact and free from diseases. The two food that are rich in probiotics and can help with burning stomach are yogurt and mastic gum. Having yogurt improves our digestive health and eliminates the source that is causing indigestion. On the other hand, mastic gum reduces stomach acid, which is very useful for people with acid reflux. These gums also have a fragrant oil that can kill the bacteria troubling our stomach lining. You can also try probiotic supplements that provide the necessary amount of prebiotics and probiotics daily so that you do not have to face any such gastric issues.

Antacid Food Sources

We need certain ingredients that can neutralize our excessive stomach acids. So that whenever we are going through acid reflux, they can enter our body and give us instant relief. The food items that are best for healing burning sensation in stomach are baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. These three come to our mind instantly when we think about how to reduce stomach burning. All of them have their own properties that can balance our stomach pH. That alkaline effect they carry brings the stomach acid to its usual level, and slowly all the symptoms fade away. You can have them with warm water, and the results will be there within a matter of minutes. This stomach burning home remedy is a go-to solution for numerous people. The reason is they are fast, effective, and easily available in households and the kitchen.

The Benefits Of Fresh Fruits

There are a few fresh fruits that can give you relief from the pain of heartburn. Some of them are bananas, apples, and papaya. If you wonder what to eat when stomach burns, all these fruits are the safest. For instance, bananas are low in acid and can help the food easily pass through the gut lining. On the other hand, apples have alkaline effects that can neutralize the increased level of stomach acid. If you feel like you need a fruit that can improve your overall digestive health and reduce your heartburn pain, papaya is the best choice for that. Please note that they are rich in vitamins & minerals and have antioxidant properties that we need for the good health of our stomach and intestines. So you can have them casually once in your day to ensure the smooth functioning of your guts.

Medicinal Powers Of Ayurvedic Herbs & Spices

Next stomach burning home remedy we will share are Ayurvedic herbs and spices. There is no health trouble for which Ayurveda does not have a solution. For a burning stomach, herbs and spices like ginger, mustard, basils, fennel seed & licorice root are very useful. If you take ginger or mint, they have antioxidants that lessen gastric contractions and prevent food from going back to the esophagus. Fennel seeds reduce acidity and provide instant relief from stomachache. Mustard and licorice roots are excellent food sources to control the symptoms of GERD or acid reflux because of their medicinal properties. You can have these spices and herbs in powder, syrup, tablet, or raw form depending on your preference. It will for sure defeat your gastric problem.

The Undefeated Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is best for our guts in terms of nutrient absorption and overall digestive health. They can easily soothe our upset stomach or indigestion issues. There are two main qualities of this herb that is able to do so. Firstly, it reduces the acid production in our stomach. It is exactly what we need our stomach burning home remedy to do for us. Moreover, it is anti-inflammatory. It means that it will not allow the bacteria to cause any infection or inflammation within your stomach and intestines. That automatically drops the chances of GERD or acid reflux. So, if you deal with these gastric issues often, you must befriend aloe vera gel.

Herbal Tea

The response to what is good for burning stomach is not just one. Herbal teas are another answer that has made its way to the list. Teas like green tea, chamomile tea, or peppermint tea can be very soothing for our stomach and intestinal linings. Green tea has tannin in it that encourages the stomach to secrete acid. The reason chamomile tea comes under the stomach burning home remedy checklist is its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial capabilities. It will not permit the harmful fungus or virus to grow in your guts and cause indigestion or heartburn. Peppermint tea is more useful when the stomach burning is also bothering your bowel movement. It can stimulate our gall bladder to make it release bile. Bile is a juice that helps in digestion and ensures that there are no troubles in the excretion process.

The Magic Of Jaggery & Almond

Lastly, you can have a powerful combination of jaggery and almond to help you as stomach burning home remedy. Consuming jaggery by mixing it in warm water is the best way to detox and clear your guts. It has potassium in it that helps in managing the acidity situation going on within our stomach. Almond, on the other side, are low acid dry fruits that are recommendable for heartburn or acid reflux. They are a good source of fiber that can absorb liquid in the digestive system. Doing so prevents the displacement of stomach acid, that otherwise can cause gas problems. Other dry fruits like pecans, cashews, and walnuts are also alkaline, just like almonds. They all can assist you in leveling the stomach acid.

How To Identify If I Need Medical Help Or Home Remedies For My Burning Sensation In Stomach?

Please note that a person needs to identify whether they can cure the pain through home remedies or medical help. There are a few tips that can help you understand the need of the hour. We would highly suggest not ignoring them, or else they can turn into a chronic disease. You can tell a lot about your body through the burning in stomach & the symptoms it follows with. If you are also dealing with the below troubles, seek medical help.

Facing pain or trouble swallowing

Extreme weight loss

Black stools

The Sudden loss of appetite

Feeling nauseous or puking

Body weakness

Also, if you are dealing with heartburn very regularly, then also you should consult doctors. Or else you can use the above stomach burning home remedy for once in a while situation.

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