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Detoxification of mind and body is a lifestyle not just a habit

Since childhood, we have always been taught that a clean body with a clean mind is the abode of God. We are brought up with a list of habits that teach us how to maintain personal hygiene and make our surroundings cleaner. Thus, it becomes important to understand how we can maintain a thorough clean body and mind by making detoxifying practices as part of our lifestyles rather than occasional habits.

We already know that toxins are harmful substances that build in our bodies through the air we inhale, the food we consume and the increased levels of stress we take in our day to day life. Therefore, it becomes important for us to have a detoxifying routine in our day to day life so that our body can be healthy internally at all times.


Detoxification of human body

Our body works in mysterious but smart ways, as it cleanses and repairs our internal organs on its own. For example, liver is the prime organ that constantly detoxifies our body along with other organs such as kidneys, colon, lungs, blood, lymphatic system and skin which aid in the process of filtering out the following from our body-

  1. External toxic agent such as-

Food Additives






  1. Internal toxic agents such as-

Bodily waste


Hormonal wastes

Waste from the digestive process

Our liver is considered as the major organ which can clean our body thoroughly as it produces antioxidants that detoxify fat-soluble hormones which are produced in our body along with eliminating the chances of having fatal health problems like cancer.


When our body is completely detoxified from toxins we can have high energy levels with cleaner and good blood circulation that shall enhance our mental and physical health which would give us better concentration levels, better sleeping pattern and more energy for better metabolism and physical activity.

The most important part of having thorough detoxification is that it also gives us a healthy digestive tract, gall bladder and kidneys which are integral for making the liver healthier so that all of these organs can collaboratively give us-

  • Better Immunity
  • Give an active barrier from external pollutants
  • Healthier Intestines for the process of digestion by enhancing the elimination of unwanted substances

Thus, it is necessary to keep in mind that we need detoxification of our body on a day to day basis as part of our lifestyle. As we are constantly exposed to harmful toxins.


detoxification tips

Daily Exercise – We must include in our daily routine, at least 30 minutes of exercise outdoors if possible. Else we can do workout indoors for some time every morning. This activity helps us to release toxins accumulated in your body, and it helps to naturally increase the metabolism in our body.

Eating Habits – Include food in the diet which are rich in super Antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin. Some foods to include in the daily diet include Lemons, Artichokes, Grapes, Cranberry, Curcumin, Flaxseed oil. A very good source of Flaxseed oil is a health supplement called Omegalogy, as it has a combination of Omega 3,6,9 and is a Vegan product.

Sleep – Adequate sleep each night helps in natural detoxification in our body. Proper sleep allows the brain to recharge and reorganise itself to remove toxic waste that has accumulated in the body throughout the day.

Drink Water Regularly – Drinking adequate amounts of water daily helps in regulating the body temperature, aids digestion and nutrient absorption and detoxifies our body by removing toxic wastes. Staying properly hydrated is important as our body effectively removes the toxins through urination, sweating and breathing.

Avoid – It is better to avoid Smoking and Alcohol in our daily routine as various studies have proved that they deplete the essential vitamins and minerals in the body and thus increase the free radicals in the body. Alcohol is mostly metabolised in our liver thus it can severely harm our liver function thus making it difficult to filter waste and other toxins from our body.

Though there are several ways to detoxify ourselves which ranges from having a healthy diet, having healthy food regularly and keeping up with a regular fitness routine along with the daily duties, life can sometimes get disrupted which can then further lead to months of being away from any exercises or having a healthy eating routine which may then result in increased levels of toxins in our body. Thus, to never miss out on constant detoxification of our body from the toxins we could include an extra aid like a vegan health supplement such as Curae Health’s Oxyphyto that can give us constant detoxification while making our immunity stronger.


Oxyphyto is a safe health supplement which is formulated with the goodness of Super Antioxidants, Phytonutrients and Natural extracts that helps in reducing the damage caused by the free radicals and toxins giving us the benefit of a healthier liver along with cell repairment.  It has Vitamin C, A, E, Zinc, Selenium, Alpha Liopic Acid along with Super Antioxidants like Quercetin, Resveratrol, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycopnene and Natural Extracts – Alfalfa, Curcumin, Cranberry, and Grape Seed Extract.

Furthermore, it also helps in managing cholesterol and blood sugar levels which intrinsically makes our heart healthier and gives us the bliss of a happy and active life.

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