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Settle Down Your Gastric Problems With These 5 Yoga Poses

Best yoga poses to cure gastric problem

The gastric problem is one of the awful feelings undoubtedly. Plus, the several causes of gastric issues make it difficult not to collapse. It is why most people know the home remedies for gas on top of their heads. This way, they save their guts and embarrassment in public. Even though there are tablet for gas and acidity that can help you get relief from pain, it may take them a while to release gas. In that case, walking around or doing yoga helps fasten up the process. You can practice them with or without OTC tablets, as per your preference. Thus, let’s look at different yoga positions, their correct steps, and their benefits in relation to our guts.

Different Types Of Yoga asana To Provide Relief From Gaseous Stomach

Balasana Is Easy And Effective

Balasana is a very easy-to-do yoga position that anyone can do. It replicates a child’s behavior; that is how it got both the names, balasana & child’s pose. It relaxes our back, spine, shoulders, arms, and stomach. Also, it is helpful for several gastric problem that bothers our gastrointestinal tract. All you have to do is sit on your heels and leave a small gap between your knees. Then, you have to bend your face towards the ground and place it right before your knees. Stretch your arms, either forward or backward, as you feel comfortable. It counts as a gastritis natural treatment that will helps in releasing the tension and burning sensations in our chest and stomach. It is a resting pose that you need to hold for 30 seconds or more. Doing it will relax your pelvic floor, which has a significant role in releasing the gas. Repeat it a few times until you feel that things are easing out. To get yourself back up, move your arms back into the position and slowly lift your chest.

Ardha Apanasana Is The Best Yoga For Gas Problem

You can practice both Apanasana and Ardha Apanasana as you like. They are the two variations of similar posture that are beneficial in releasing gas. These poses are super convenient and doable for all age groups. It is particularly best for stomach bloating, circulation, and gas. The steps to get into apanasana or wind relieving pose is to first lay down in a comfortable place. Now, lift the feet off the ground and draw the knees close to your chest. Lock your legs with the help of your hands and stay in that position for 1 minute. It will stretch your lower back and stabilize your pelvis, which will ultimately resolve your gastric problem. It can also lower your blood pressure to help you get relief from intestinal pain due to high BP. Moving on, instead of bringing both knees close to your chest, you can choose to do one at a time. This exercise is ardha apanasana or half wind relieving pose. People who are not able to handle the pressure of apanasana on the stomach can do ardha apanasana as an alternative.

Uttanasna Is One Of The Positions To Relieve Gas Instantly

It could be a challenging position for someone who is not much flexible. In uttanasna, or standing forward bend, you have to stand straight and stretch your arms up. After that, you need to lean down and touch your feet with your hands. The more you bend, the better. The benefits of yoga pose – uttanasna is that it improves body posture, enhances flexibility, releases stiffness, and strengthens your spine. In case of severe gas problems, this exercise is worth a shot. It will boost your metabolic rate and will put pressure on your abdomen. That stomach and intestinal strain are enough for your body to start releasing gas. Uttanasna is very helpful in troubles like constipation, gas, bloating, burning belly fat, and many more. It is one of the yoga poses people enthusiastically perform for better digestion. However, do not perform it right after a heavy meal. Make sure to take a break of at least 30 minutes between your lunch/dinner and this yoga. Or else it can make you nauseous and trigger indigestion.

Pawanmuktasana Can Enhance Nutrition Absorption

Another useful aasan to eliminate the gastric problem is pawanmuktasana. It is somewhat similar to balasana if you increase its difficulty level. You have to take the balasana position, but the only difference is that you have to lift your neck and bring it closer to your knees. It works slightly better for digestion and gastric issues than balasana. The reason is our stretched neck has a role in improving our gut functions through the network of nerves. Moreover, it also empowers the absorption of water soluble vitamins in our body. It results in faster digestion and smoother bowel movements. This quality is why health consultants recommend this exercise to people suffering from constipation and indigestion issues. Please note that you can do pawanmuktasana regularly to improve blood circulation, support muscles, and strengthen your backbone. Remember to practice as much as possible to get better at it.

Prasarita Padottanasana Helps With Burning Sensation In Stomach

We are sure that you must have done it during your school days. It is a more comfortable version of uttanasna that even elderlies can conduct. This yoga position is also famous through the other name of wide-legged standing forward. You can definitely categorize it as a stomach burning home remedy if you are out of OTC tablets or lemon. Start by widening your legs and stand still. Then, take both your hands and slowly bend forward. You have to lean ahead to the point where your palms are touching the floor. Try to hold this position for at least one minute or longer. It is specifically good for people who have bowel troubles. This yoga puts stresses our intestines and abdomen area. Therefore, the excretion process fastens due to the pressure we put on our stomachs. So, you can definitely try it for gas and constipation problems. Please remind yourself to keep a time span of at least thirty to forty minutes between your meals and exercise. Doing this posture after heavy eating can stop food from traveling down your GI tract, and it may get stuck in between. Thus, always be careful of timing and poses while doing yoga.

Why Prefer Yoga For Gastric Problems?

We are pretty much confident that following these positions will assist you with gas, bloating, and bowel problems. Stretching our stomach nerves helps our digestive tract to work better. Yoga is the perfect exercise to put enough pressure on your stomach and intestines to strengthen against indigestion or inflammation. Not to forget, it is the most natural and safe way to cure your gastric problem. But, if you are not in a situation where you can perform these movements, you can go with other alternatives. For instance, you can walk around your house a bit or sit in vajrasana for a while. It will slow down the blood flow in your legs, which will, in return, boost the flow in your stomach, resulting in better digestion. You can try to meditate for ten to fifteen minutes as meditation benefits gut function and beat bowel issues.

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