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Some Interesting And Never-Heard Facts On Mental Health

myth and facts about mental health

One of the hot topics for the last five years has been mental health. It is rightly so because earlier people ignored this subject for too long. It is time that we start addressing, discussing, and working towards the same. Several data and blogs share how we are still far behind and need to hustle more to get to the point where it is normalized. We are yet to reach the phase where having a brain booster to improve brain health does not sound odd or bizarre to societies and communities. As the struggle to attain it is still on, we thought of sharing a positive side of the same. Here are some mind-blowing facts on mental well-being to signify that we have come a long way. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Most Amazing Mental Health Facts You Didn’t Know Before

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mindset

Just like we need protein for muscles, calcium for bones, and probiotics for guts, similarly, we require essential vitamins and minerals for the brain. Our brain soaks up the nutrition and nourishment from the food we eat to use it for operations and hormonal balance. The nutritional deficiency definitely creates a disturbance in our mind that affect our emotional health and cognitive abilities. Thus, people prefer to take health supplements for the brain comprising all the necessary nutrients inside them. This way, the cortisol level will remain low, which will not lead to mental health issues like anxiety, ADHD, excessive stress, etc. Plus, they will help in releasing calming and happy hormones. Dopamine and serotonin are some of the best examples of the same. Generally, people prefer to switch to a balanced diet and herbal treatments like Brahmi tablets to improve their overall brain health. Therefore, to enhance your mindset and brain capabilities, one must focus on their diet. The better you eat, the better your mind will respond to you. So whenever you feel low, modify your diet to a better version.

Better Discussion On Mental Disorders & Symptoms On Social Platforms

Initially, people used to refrain from talking about their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. This habit did not allow them to recognize and heal from their mental troubles. But now, the time has changed for good. There are open discussions on public and social platforms about mental health and its importance in our lives. Seven to ten years back, people were unaware or did not have enough knowledge to talk about it. However, as the conversation started getting stirred up, it definitely grabbed the attention of a big part of the population. You can find numerous blogs, articles, press releases, videos, etc., on what you should or shouldn’t do during stress or anxiety. The best part is people have listened and applied it in real life to see the benefitting results. Now, most people are aware of the meditation benefits for the brain, mental exercises, brain-boosting food, stress-relieving activities, etc., thanks to these awakening discussions.

More Searches & Queries On Seeking Help Or Treatment For Mental Fitness

One of the most drastic changes we saw is how comfortable people are in extending their hands to seek help. That was not common before. People were hesitant about sharing that they were not feeling okay mentally. It was not the case with other health problems as it was specifically for the emotional area. But as people are so actively speaking about their positive experiences. Their opinions on how different therapies and treatments have helped them have sparked hope amongst many. It resulted in many online and offline searches and queries, which are present in the data. Gradually, we can diminish the taboo created around mental health. The reason it is a good sign is it increases the recovery percentage. It is a token of confidence for individuals who want to sign for better treatment for their brains. This data also depicts the growing number of patients each year that require help with their mental well-being.

More Services Are Available To Cure Mental Illness

The best outcome that has come out of all the debates and conversations is the opening of new services. The healthcare industry has surely noticed that there are no more stereotypes attached to going to a therapist. People are willing to reach up to the expert and talk about their feeling and problems they are facing with their thought processes. The results of the same were more mental health clinics and hospitals around the world. They are yet to expand to small towns and villages. However, you can find those facilities in metro cities and urban areas. Besides, there are several websites that are also giving online consultations and sessions over video calls. So, even if you are in a place with no mental care structure nearby, you can use your internet for digital appointments. All of that was not handy and available to people as it is now.

Participation In Activities For Boosting Brain Health Has Increased

We all enjoy games and activities that challenge our brain power. Even if it is a sport, we require our minds to build strategies on how to win the game. There was a time when people would not indulge themselves in brain games. But recently, in the past two years, we could see a change in the pattern. People are actively participating in competitions or fun times that can improve their mental fitness, enhance focus, rejuvenate the mind and increase memory power. They observed they become more efficient and productive after spending some time in the fun session. It reduces their stress and anxiety and gives them a sense of motivation for the day. In fact, many corporate jobs have also started to include such fun events once in a while to refresh the mood and energy of their employees. It is one of the most positive brain health changes experienced in the work culture.

The Bottom Line On Behavioral Health

The drastic changes over the years show how serious we are regarding our mental sanity. There have been some significant changes that have resulted in the betterment of our brain functions. Thus, if you or someone you know is going through a tough time mentally, do not feel afraid to go out and ask for help. Ignoring the signs for too long starts reflecting on your actions and behavior. Some might feel a decrease in their productivity and career growth. But for some, it can go downhill quickly to the point where they start harming themselves. Hence, always take care of your mental health to prevent troubles like anxiety, depression, dementia, and many more.

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