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Lifestyle Changes to Keep Your Heart Healthy

With people living a sedentary lifestyle, regularly eating junk-food and constantly feeling stressed out, heart disease has become a common concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated in its report that chronic diseases are the major cause of demises worldwide. Around 9.43 million deaths were counted under the Ischemic heart deaths in 2016, and survey further showed that all cardiovascular diseases together are amongst one of the reasons over 17.8 million deaths annually worldwide.

So, when it comes to finding ways to keep the heart healthy, attitude factor can really be beneficial because research says that a person’s optimistic and upbeat approach towards life helps to have a reduced risk of heart and vascular disease. The analysis also comprises over 200 studies published in two of the primary scientific databases, making it the biggest reason to look at the influence of a positive attitude on the risk of heart attack.

Here are some lifestyle changes which you can adapt to lower the risk of heart diseases:


Healthy Diet Plan

One of the causes of heart disease can be nutrition deficiency, hence, the need to focus on daily diet is necessary. You can include flaxseeds, garlic, Vitamin D, red yeast rice and Omega 3 supplement for nourishing your heart. David Foreman, the author of 4 pillars of health, says that there are well-documented papers on garlic showing that it aids in keeping the arteries supple and let the blood flow better in the body, and especially the heart.

Stress Management

In today’s hectic lifestyle, stress is bound to be one of the causes for the heart suffering. In one of the studies, it has been found that Yoga is helpful in improving the state of heart. Performing Yoga postures like Padangusthasana, Supta Padangusthasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, gentle stretches, and meditation can help in calming the nervous system and easing the stress level.

Exercise Regularly

Physical fitness is definitely the key point to a healthy lifestyle. If you are a beginner, start with jogging and then, take up the cardiovascular exercise since it enhances the daily work performance, stamina, and health the rest of the day. Cycling, Swimming, and dancing can be added as a fun element to improve focus and consistency. Try taking out at least 30 minutes from your busy life so that you can live a physically sound life.

Weight Control

It is very essential to maintain normal body weight as the higher level of obesity increases the complications related to heart. Even doctors say that just by losing five to ten percent of body weight, one can easily eradicate the risk of heart stroke and attack. Balanced weight also helps in getting rid from diabetes.

So, to keep your heart health, you should strictly incorporate and follow these lifestyle changes in your daily routine. But before adopting these suggestions, understand the risk factors associated with your heart and then, implement these tips for a healthy heart.

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