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The millennial generation have weaker bones than our ancestors

The millennial generation has weaker bones than our ancestors. Why?

Have you ever wondered while seeing those battlefield scenes in Games of Thrones or the fighting scenes from the movie 300 where the characters played the roles of kings and soldiers who would charge towards their enemies and fight relentlessly for days and months until they didn’t die or become victorious.

How did they manage to pull up those fights without having muscle cramps or backaches? Indeed they got trained for years for this, along with a nutritious dietary intake but isn’t it strange to notice that these kings and soldiers were so different than the modern age people who often after a heavy workout or a long workday complain of backaches, neck pain, joint pains etc. We shall explore the reasons why the new generation is complaining about backaches, cervical problems, joint pains and how we can make our bones strong like our stronger ancestors?

When a child is born it is advised that the child should get regular oil massages that will make their bones stronger and while we are growing up, our parents are constantly telling us to feed on proteins and calcium that shall maintain a healthy bone mineral balance and a skeletal structure of our body.

But despite such careful nourishment, the newer generation is having problems with weaker bones from an early age and this is an alarming situation, as weaker bones can severely impact on their overall health.

tips to make bones healthyThe weakening of bones is a natural process that comes with age and in some cases, weak bones can also be a hereditary problem that runs in the family and it gets inherited in the following generations though these situations are usually not in one’s control but in cases where one doesn’t have heredity problems they should ensure that their bones do not get weak because of lack of nourishment in the body or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Following are the common reasons that can lead to the weakening

1. Mineral deficiency

Our body derives its strength from a variety of minerals and vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D and if our body doesn’t get enough portion of these, it can lead to severe problems of osteoporosis which gradually can cause severe bone pain.

2. Irregular blood supply to the bones

Like all other organs of the body, our bones also need to have regular and sufficient supply of blood to them but if there are any irregularities in the blood flow to the bones the bone tissues start eroding resulting in the weakening of the bones and generates pain in the bones.

3. Infection

Our bones are equally prone to infections like other organs of our body and therefore, an infection in the bone can cause serious conditions like osteomyelitis which can kill bone cells and cause severe bone pain.

4. Injury

This is a common cause of bone pain which happens due to the trauma caused to the bones because of any fall or accident, furthermore, some severe injuries to the bones may also lead to fracture of the bone.

Thus, knowing that these are some causes that can lead to the weakening of bones, it becomes important for us to realise that we can save our bones by taking certain measures so that our bones stay strong for a longer time. Following are certain ways by which one can prevent the weakening of bones-


1. Include more veggies in our diet

It is a known fact that vegetables are the source of goodness for our body but despite knowing this, many of us eat vegetables on an irregular basis or with fuss and this may result in lack of several vitamins and minerals in our body. An essential vitamin for the production of bone-forming cells is Vitamin C, it also acts as an antioxidant that reduces the chances of damages to the bones. Furthermore, intake of green and yellow vegetables increases bone mineralization as well as maintains the mass of bones.

2. Include specific kind of exercises in your daily routine

Including strength training and weight-bearing exercises can be beneficial for making the bones stronger. These are high-impactive exercises that promote strengthening of bones, this is especially for adults who suffer from bone loss because of age. Therefore, including such exercises can benefit you with increased muscle mass along with protection to the bones as it reduces the chances of osteoporosis, osteopenia and breast cancer

3. Keeping a check on weight

We all know that being overweight means being prone to several diseases internally, but being overweight also means overburdening the bones. Similarly being underweight is also problematic for the bones as it increases the risk of osteoporosis; studies have suggested that low body weight can result in reduction of bone density and bone loss. It is advised that one should maintain their weight in accordance to their BMI ie. body mass index which helps protect us from various diseases that arise because of weight issues while protecting our bones.

4. Don’t forget your essential minerals and vitamins

To have stronger bones we need to regularly intake certain essential vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium Zinc, Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption along with Zinc that promotes formation of bone-building cells that doesn’t let the bones break easily.

Along with this, one also has to regularly intake Omega-3 fats that give anti-inflammatory effects and protect bone loss during the ageing process. The best vegetarian sources of Omega-3 fats are chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. By adopting some dietary changes in our routine like whenever we have cravings to munch on something, instead of having fried chips we could always relish on the above mentioned foods that shall suit the taste buds while making our bones stronger.

5. Take a calcium supplement

We all know that calcium is an important mineral for bone health. As our bones are constantly breaking down to be replaced by new, it becomes important that we consume doses of calcium daily to protect the bone strength and structure. As per the medical researches, it has been observed that a human body needs 600 mg per day of calcium in a normal diet to have strong bones. Therefore, it gets an impediment for us to take the essential and required amount of calcium daily.

But, considering the hectic lifestyle we live along with an irregular, unhealthy diet intake, it is not always possible to keep a check on the vitamins and mineral intake daily. Therefore, we must add a scientifically made health supplement like Caldoc that gives our body required daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals along with natural extracts for daily nourishment of bones.

The plant-based calcium along with Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Zinc with natural extracts makes Caldoc , a unique health supplement that improves the muscle functionality and bone density while improving the overall strength of bones. Caldoc has been specifically formulated in such a way that it can easily become part of your daily routine giving your bones the required nourishment and strength to keep you going without the problems of joint pains or bone pains.

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