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A Complete Guide on Omega 3: Uses, Benefits and Supplements

Omega 3 is a vital fatty acid, which is crucial for the body to function in the best form. Omega-3 fatty acids come under the category of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and its three main types include DHA, EPA, and ALA. As our body cannot produce it by itself, hence, one needs to consume foods and supplements that include Omega3- fatty acids in the diet.

DHA can be acquired straight from maternal milk, fish or algae oil. EPA can be obtained by eating oily fish or fish oil, for example, cod liver, herring, mackerel, salmon, menhaden and sardine. While ALA is found in plant-based sources such as chia seeds, flaxseed, nuts, and common vegetable oils.

Omega3 is actually a boon for our health due to various reasons:

• Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good one (HDL)
• Reducing high blood pressure
• Lowering triglycerides
• Preventing the narrowing of the arteries
• Preventing blood platelets from sticking together (clotting)
• Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
• Radiant and good looking skin
• Help treat depression and anxiety
• Good for the immune system, arthritis, diabetes, skin, hair, and nails

blog images 07122018 1Since most of the food to be consumed for Omega-3 is non-vegetarian. Hence, it becomes difficult for vegetarian people to obtain Omega-3 in a proper amount. In such cases, one such food supplement for vegetarians is Omegalogy- Vegetarian Omega3, EPA & DHA. Omegalogy is beneficial because it does not have artificial flavor, preservatives, yeast, and no gluten. In today’s tedious lifestyle, one does not find enough time for a proper diet, hence, it works as all in one solution for health-conscious people.

Note: Omegalogy can be taken once a day with water after the first meal or as recommended by a health professional.

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