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With our inclination for healthy and conscious living, and in alignment with our strive for sustainability, Curae Health has begun its path to Plastic Neutrality! We are elated that our plastic neutral approach will have multifaceted impact.

    • Building Infrastructure – We are contributing towards building a circular economy by offsetting our plastic usage.
    • Social – By Funding the recycling of Plastic Waste, we help providing formal job opportunities to waste management workers.
    • Lead the way – We believe our initiative in accordance with our customers’ choices will pave the way for increasing sustainability in the industry.


We care about our customers and our impact on the environment. To embrace our journey of a Plastic Neutral company, we have collaborated with The Disposal Company. It helps subsidize the ethical recovery and safe disposal of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, burned or flushed in oceans to wreak havoc on the marine ecosystem. With their support, we will fund the recovery of the amount of plastic equivalent to our consumption. By offsetting our plastic footprint, Curae Health creates environmental and social impact. In the process, we help bridge the critical funding gap and create verified impact. Ultimately, kickstarting a revolution for clear, credible planetary action to inspire global systematic change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plastic Neutrality?

Plastic Neutrality means offsetting of your plastic footprint by funding the recovery, collection, segregation and recycling of plastic waste equivalent to your plastic consumption. Plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, oceans or incineration plants is intercepted on our behalf, while allowing waste scavengers to transition into more formal jobs with ethical conditions.

We have received the seal of Sustainability™ certification from The Disposal Company which is the gold Standard for plastic neutral brands. They have measured our plastic footprint for the year, and we have funded plastic recovery and management for the equivalent amount. That made us offset our plastic usage through credits and finally, Plastic Neutral!

We bought plastic credits equivalent to our plastic usage. Generally, One plastic credit is equal to one kg of plastic recycled. When you offset your entire plastic usage, plastic credits help you become Plastic Neutral.

No, plastic free means not using any plastic in any of your operations. We do use plastic, but totally negate our plastic footprint to avoid any burden on the environment. For every gram of plastic used by us we help fund ethical recycling of another gram of plastic waste, thus making us Plastic Neutral.
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