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Reduce Your Stomach Bloating With These Food Items Instantly

Reduce Your Stomach Bloating With These Food Items Instantly

One of the frequent gut trouble that people face is either gas or stomach bloating. It generally happens when there is a disruption in the upper abdominal part or trapped gas. Because there are multiple causes to it, the chances of escaping it totally are less. Whatever may be the reason, you must learn about its resolution. Several options are available, like OTC tablets, probiotic capsules, supplements, gas-relieving food items, herbal tea, or whatnot. Today, we will share what food you can consider for reversing your bloating. We will also cover what properties and nutrients they comprise that make them a reliable option for the same subject. Hence, let’s get into the details right away.

What Are The Foods That Reduce Bloating?

Yogurt Is Best For Our Guts

There are multiple factors and elements in yogurt that altogether helps in getting rid of bloating. It is a probiotic that is rich in potassium, protein, calcium, and vitamins. Yogurt sends live yeast to mix up with gut microbes and fight the harmful substances of the stomach lining. You can also consider probiotic tablets for the same purpose. When all the toxins and bacteria are released, the bloating starts to disappear. Other than that, it has potassium to balance out the effect of extra sodium. Thus, you will begin releasing gas after taking one or two scoops of yogurt. So if trapped gas is the reason for your stomach bloating, it can heal you from that part as well.

Have Bananas When Feeling Bloated

Next up, we have bananas on our list. It works amazingly great for our belly and overall digestion. When you are feeling bloated due to dehydration or reduced fluid intake, you must have a banana in this situation. The reason is the water soluble vitamins and minerals that are present in it. Please note that this fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and fiber. When the sodium level gets high in our bodies, it causes bloating due to less water content. So, we need a food item that can counter its effects. The potassium and soluble fiber present in bananas are a perfect bloating and stomach burning home remedy. It also reduces inflammation, constipation, and acid reflux, which can be the reason behind your bloated tummy. Please note that having this fruit generally is also valuable for our gut health because it is rich in prebiotics. Thus, it provides nutrition to our gut microbes as well, who are fighting non-friendly bacteria and viruses.

Avocados Can Reduce Bloating

Please note that avocados share somewhat the same properties as bananas. They are high in fiber & potassium and work best in supporting our GI tract. It is also beneficial in bringing back the fluid balance in our guts. Hence, in return, our stomach bloating starts reducing. Plus, it will prevent sodium from causing water retention so that you do not have to go through any gut issues or dehydration. However, try not to exceed the limited quantity of this fruit as it carries healthy fats in it. So instead of helping you out with the bloating situation, it shall trigger the same trouble. In that case, you can go with nutrition supplements for guts. They have similar health benefits and help regulate the stomach and intestinal functions.

Strawberries Are Both Healthy And Delicious

Not just strawberries, all kinds of berries can help you resolve bloating issues. They are high in water content by up to 85-90 percent. Thus, having these kinds of fruits that promote hydrating levels in our bodies automatically brings down stomach bloating as a result. Besides that, indigestion can also be one of the reasons why you may look bloated. Strawberries assist our alimentary canal in passing down food comfortably. As it helps in quick digestion, your bloating might not stay longer. You can also have raspberries and blueberries as an alternative. It is your choice whether you want to have them raw or mixed in a milkshake because it will work either way.

Avoid Stomach Bloating With Fennel Seeds

It is a common practice in many Asian homes to have a handful of fennel seeds after a heavy meal. To begin with, it will ease the breaking down of food and the nutrient absorption process. So you do not have to worry about gas or bloating concerns. In addition to that, it is also helpful in getting comfort from acid reflux or burning sensation in the stomach. Also, it can work effectively in releasing trapped gas. Its ability to relax the digestive tract and intestinal muscles states it is much more than just a mouth freshener. In fact, many people soak fennel seeds in water overnight and drink them in the morning to regulate their gut health.

Ginger Is What Relieves Bloating Fast

Ginger works a bit differently than all the above food items we shared. Its aim is to stimulate digestive juices and neutralize acidic behavior. So when you have acid reflux, the best way to get rid of pain and bloating is to have ginger. It is an instant stomach pain relief that will kill the germs causing trouble and aid digestion. Also, it is reliable for improper bowel functions. When you consume ginger, it works actively in emptying the stomach. Its anti-inflammatory properties do not allow toxins or harmful substances to stay in our gut lining for long. All these positive and healthy benefits of ginger make it easy to resolve stomach bloating. You can have it in the form of tea, infuse it in water, use it as a herb in your meals, and many more, depending on your preference.

The Medicinal Effects Of Turmeric

It is a spice that we curate from a herb called curcumin. People like to use it as a spice in food as it gives that curry color to our dish. However, many of them are unaware that it is powerful enough to beat our stomach bloating. Firstly, it stimulates bile production, the prime factor in dissolving food content. The outcome of that is better digestion, no gas, no bloating, and no acidity. Plus, it also improves your bowel movement. It means that you won’t remain constipated or bloated after having turmeric in your meals. Moving on, it has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it also protects our other body parts from unwanted issues, along with our stomach. That includes our bones, muscles, intestines, brain, and many more. Taking turmeric via meals consider as one of the best stomach burning home remedy.

How To Stop Bloating Naturally?

All these remedies we suggested to you are natural and conveniently available in households or nearby markets. Plus, you can consume them in different variations as you like. For instance, you can have a banana shake, turmeric milk, ginger tea, strawberry juice, and so on. You can expect to see reduced stomach bloating after an hour or so. However, if your gas troubles are frequent, it is better to take some serious steps. You should focus on prebiotics and probiotics and do some stomach stretching and exercises. Detoxifying from time to time is also advantageous for our gut health. This routine will decrease your chances of bloating, gas, bowel issues, and acidity.

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