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Health Risks And Symptoms Of Having Low Testosterone Levels

health risk of low testosterone

Testosterone is a male reproductive hormone responsible for upkeeping overall health and hormonal growth. It is also present in women, but in a lesser percentage comparatively. We must maintain this hormone within the normal range to avoid crashing into health troubles. The causes of low testosterone could be deficiencies, infection, hormonal disbalance, etc. If not treated timely, the issue can further lead to severe disorders like erectile dysfunction or hypogonadism. Hence, always keep your eyes on the signs that reflect that your testosterone needs a boost. So, let’s check out what body changes one might experience if their testosterone levels are not ideal.

The Side Effects Of Low Testosterone

Prone To Fertility Issues

Testosterone is a sex hormone that takes care of the sexual health of all genders. So, when it is not in the correct range, it obviously will create issues in our reproductive system. It can reduce the sex drive, sperm count, libido, bone mass, and so on. Thus, if you feel some trouble in your fertility, you must start intaking a testosterone booster. It will give your body the nutrient it needs to generate this hormone. In women, testosterone generally decreases with estrogen (women’s reproductive hormone); therefore, they can also use this booster for their benefit. With time, you will be able to recover from the loss and enhance your sexual health. During this time, it is better to focus on herbs and food that can boost your testosterone level, like kale, spinach, cocoa, ashwagandha, etc. Also, your diet should be rich in water soluble vitamins as they work better with hormonal balance.

May Experience Hot Flashes Or Extreme Fatigue

Fatigue is muscle or body weakness. It brings tiredness and pain throughout our bodies, making it impossible for us to be physically active. Hot flashes are the intense feeling of warmth on the upper body part. Health consultants explain the root cause of this issue is low testosterone. You may feel really hot in certain areas like the neck, chest, or face. It also includes profound sweating as another symptom. Please note that when our T level begins to decrease, our ability for muscle replacement gets hampered. It also makes us gain extra weight, resulting in body weakness. Besides that, hot flashes happen when our brain gives false signals regarding our body temperature. The hormone responsible for temperature control is the hypothalamus which is directly affected by testosterone levels. So, if you regularly experience these signs, you must start working on improving this hormone.

Low Testosterone Disturbs The Menstrual Cycle

We all know that women’s bodies are more complex than men’s. Their hormones change every day according to their menstrual cycle. Hence, they must take care of their nutrients and diet to have a pain-free and healthy period. If the testosterone level in women drops, their ability to produce blood cells will also decrease. That makes it even harder for them to have their menstruation frequently. Low testosterone increases the time between the two periods. It is better to take suitable action when you notice it the first few times. If you stretch it further, it shall lead to severe reproductive issues like infertility, dryness, ovulation problem, and many more. We suggest that you take supplements and diet that will give a boost to both your testosterone and estrogen level. Soon enough, your menstruation will be back on track.

Weakens Stamina And Metabolism

If you were unaware, let us tell you that low testosterone will lower your energy levels in no time. Along with taking care of your sexual health, it also plays a crucial role in your metabolism. A good amount of testosterone in your body will improve your bone density, muscle mass, stamina, and energy levels. However, as your T level starts going down, your brain shall feel discouraged about working out or doing any physical activity. So, if you wish to get over your sedentary lifestyle and increase stamina and metabolism, work hard on promoting your sex hormones. You can do so through different methods. First, take a diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Start doing cardio or weight-lifting exercises that demand some strength from us. Lastly, get some testosterone tablets that are organic and have essential nutrients present in them. You shall consume fenugreek and ashwagandha, as they are reliable herbs to improve sexual health and stamina, as per Ayurveda.

Increased Risk Of Sexual Disorders

When we say that a decreased amount of testosterone leads to severe disorders, we don’t mean that it would happen immediately. First, it shows some signs regarding the same. If the person chooses to neglect them for a long time, then it may start transforming into illness. Thus, it is very crucial for us to learn and notice those symptoms to get our low testosterone treatment in time. Those diseases shall include erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, osteoporosis, heart diseases, and many more. It is easier to treat the symptoms than to treat these diseases. You may have to consult medical professionals for the correct and fast treatment. However, some of these illnesses are very hard to reverse. So, have your eyes on your body and notice what it is demanding and lacking every now and then. It will help you stay protected from any unwanted health experience.

Lack Of Testosterone Results In Weight Gain

Studies and research have found that an incorrect testosterone level has been the root cause of obesity for many individuals. As our T level decreases, our metabolism and ability to produce and replace new cells also get affected. In return, our body starts storing fat and expanding our fat mass. Thus, our low testosterone is somehow responsible for our sudden and unhealthy weight gain. There are a few ways through which you can get back on your desired weight scale. Begin with working on your testosterone through your diet and gym sessions. Your meals should be full of vegetables, lentils, whole grains, soybeans, and other healthy food items. You can also consider nutrition supplements to ensure you do not lack any nutrients in the process. Intermittent fasting and detoxing can also be helpful in removing all the stored fats and toxins from our body system. Soon, your weight and testosterone level will be back on track.

Your Mental Health May Suffer

There are a few reasons that can be responsible for such an event. Firstly, our brain has a direct connection with our testosterone. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels ensures that our body and mind are working in sync. When that balance disturbs us, it often pushes us to the unhealthy side. Firstly, our sex life gets hampered, which fails to release happy hormones in our brains. Then, we face other symptoms like weight gain, weak stamina, fatigue, etc., that are not doing any good for our brains. Lastly, the decreased testosterone levels affect the serotonin in our brain, which leads to mood swings, anxiety, depression, etc. In short, your mental health will definitely take a toll from all this. Thus, it is better to boost your testosterone to get your confidence and healthy lifestyle back.

Good Testosterone Levels Are A Sign Of A Healthy Body

Please note that our body needs a proper balance of every hormone for smooth functioning. The best way to ensure that is by consuming a diet rich in nutrients. The vitamins and minerals we eat decide the status of our health. If anything goes less or beyond the limit, it is bound to cause issues in our body processes. Low testosterone can be the result of the same. In other words, a good range of hormones depicts that your body is doing fine. However, if you notice some signs in your health that prove otherwise, it is better to take steps instantly towards it.

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