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Terrible Side Effects Of Alcohol On Our Brain Function

Alcohol affects brain function

Regularly consuming alcohol is one of the worst things to do to our health. There are horrifying side effects of alcohol on the body and mind. Most people are aware of how it can cause issues in our liver or kidney. However, what we often overlook is its horrifying aftereffects on our brains. Hence, we thought of covering that subject and learning deeply about it. So, here is a list of damages alcohol can do to our brain function. It also includes the negative effect it has on our mental health. Also, we have briefly mentioned the solutions you can follow to reverse the harm (after quitting drinking). So, without keeping more suspense, let’s get into it.

The Negative Consequences Of Alcohol Consumption On Our Brain

Reduces The Size OF Neuron

Neurons are the cells of our nervous system responsible for communicating between our brains and muscles. In other words, they transmit and send information from the brain to other areas and vice versa. However, their operation can get disturbed by the impact of alcohol. Please note that drinking alcohol leads to neuron shrinkage, which damages our normal brain function. As the size reduces, trouble with thinking, memorizing, focusing, performing daily tasks, etc., occurs. There can be a point where the person might get disorders like cerebral atrophy or Alzheimer’s. To avoid such happening, they must fight their addiction. Moreover, they must practice activities that will enhance their brain health. That includes eating a balanced diet, doing cognitive exercises, reading a book, socializing, and so on. Doing so will bring a positive change in their physical and mental well-being. Also, it will motivate them to continue with the healing journey.

Alcohol Intoxication Leads To Hallucinations Or Psychosis

Hallucinations are the false understanding of reality created by our mind through our senses, like vision, hearing, smelling, etc. On the other hand, psychosis is a disease where the person is disassociated or lost from reality. In this case, the person is unaware of his behavior and surroundings. Both these troubles happen when the brain function isn’t working appropriately due to the effects and aftereffects of alcohol. Someone who regularly consumes alcohol or is already going through mental health issues is more prone to them. The best way out is to focus on healthy vitamins and de-addiction activities. Hence, one must eat meals rich in B and C vitamins. Also, they shall try to reap medication, therapy, and meditation benefits. Because the issue is within the nervous system, it is advisable to seek professional support as soon as possible. Or else it might accelerate and cause physical damage to the person or their surroundings.

Impairs Your Memory Power

Studies suggest that alcoholics have a faster rate of memory decline than non-alcoholics. The reason is the slowing down of nerves due to alcohol, which directly affects brain function. Besides, consuming alcohol trigger blackouts that generate a gap within a person’s mind. These gaps or blackouts can be responsible for forgetfulness and short-term or long-term memory loss. However, there are a few remedies that can help in reviving back memory power. Start with getting a vitamin tablet with all the essential nutrients for memory. It includes vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Then, work on your management skills by creating work and sleep schedules to avoid stress and rejuvenate your brain. Lastly, do not forget to play memory games or meditate. They both act as effective memory boosters that will gradually fade your forgetfulness issue.

The Riskiest Side Effects Of Alcohol Is Brain Stroke

Two circumstances happen within our nervous system leading to a stroke. When there is a blockage in arteries due to blood clots, which stops the blood and oxygen flow. Second is when the blood vessels of our brain burst or rupture, causing internal bleeding. Consuming alcohol makes you vulnerable to hemorrhagic stroke (the bursting of blood vessels). In order to be out of risk from such a horrific disease, you can follow a few steps. Firstly, put an end to unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. Readjust your focus on gaining the healthy nutrients your body and mind require either through diet or nutrition supplements. Check whether your cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar level are within normal range. If they aren’t, modify your daily meals and eliminate food that gives sugar, saturated fats, or trans fats. Furthermore, give your brain some rest so it can repair and rejuvenate itself for the better.

Causes Cognitive Decline

Alcohol disturbs the cognitive side of our brain, which shows poor effects on some of our brain activities. That may include functions like focusing, thinking, learning, problem-solving, verbal fluency, processing speed, and many more. So, if someone is going through similar symptoms, they must invest in a healthy and functional brain booster. They comprise elements like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, folate, biotin, etc. Each of these ingredients is excellent for mental health and brain functioning. Along with quitting alcohol, they must follow stress management, a strict sleeping schedule, socialize, meditation, and exercise. All these remedies can boost brain power even if it is going through any trouble or disease. Soon, you will notice the positive outcomes of these habits. However, it is a must that you keep continuing them even after getting favorable results. It is so that your risk of facing this disorder in the future would be very low.

Alcohol Effects Our Vision And Speech

The way of speech can tell whether the person is intoxicated or not. Their blurry eyesight makes them unable to walk or do physical movements properly, which gives away the message. The slurry speech and improper vision are side effects of alcohol that can sometimes cause severe headaches or migraine. Even though you can pop some headache tablets to get instant relief, it will not improve the other symptoms. The reason is that alcohol directly hampers the control and coordination of our brain and muscles. So, your mind fails to command your muscles to act a certain way. Hence, the slurred speech and poor vision effect. If one continues to drink alcohol, the negative consequences can spread to other brain function. The easy way out is to say no to alcohol and let your nervous system heal for better coordination.

Prone To Depression And Anxiety

Most patients who are depressed or anxious seek support from alcohol or other such substances. It relaxes their nerves for a while and releases dopamine. However, all this happens at the expense of the quality of their brain function. Plus, they are pushing themselves into a deeper hole of depression and anxiety. Please note that a person with a mental health issue must distance themselves from such things. Instead, they should find treatment in the form of therapy, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, exercise, etc. Besides, using an intoxicating substance to feel stress-free or happy will make the brain lose its ability to release dopamine. So, someone going through such problems should lean towards better solutions. Doing so will genuinely enhance their mental health. But, using alcohol as an escape will add to hundreds of other physical and mental issues.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol At All Cost

If you are concerned for your health, the first thing you must give up is alcohol. Please note that ethanol is the main component of alcohol. Ethanol is bad for our health as it causes malnutrition and directly harms our immunity, skin, brain, and other organs. The more alcohol you ingest, the slower your brain function will get. Besides that, you are also compromising the health of your kidney, liver, immune system, etc. Some people find it tough to ditch alcohol altogether; hence, they can begin by reducing the daily quantity. We are confident that following these small steps will drastically improve your health and lifestyle.

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