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We strongly believe in co-existence and that we all are as much a part of nature as animals and trees. We ensure that all ingredients in our health supplements are ethically sourced and our products are plastic free, chemical free and cruelty free. All are decisions are based on wellbeing of the community and we mostly employ local talent and have transparent sourcing and labour policies. We follow concurrence as much in our working as in our products.



Natural Extracts


Natural Extracts used in all our health supplements are handpicked and of the highest quality. All our ingredients go through stringent quality checks before approval.




All our health supplements are VEGAN. We love animals, we respect them and understand that they belong to nature as much as we do.



No Animal Testing


None of our health supplements are tested on Animals.



All our ingredients are Non-GMO and we aim to give you the purest and best supplements possible.







We believe in nature first, thus all our packaging is done using Recycled Paper.


Good Manufacturing Practices


All our health supplements are manufactured in the facilities having Good Manufacturing Practices.


ISO Certified


We are an ISO Certified Company and we comply by its strict procedures and standards.


Quality Assurance


All our health supplements comply with the strict standards laid down by the industry.


           We are registered with the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).