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7 Methods To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally In Our Body

Tips to lower blood sugar levels

“What to do when blood sugar is high” is one of the most common queries, especially for diabetes patients. Hence, we are at your assistance to share some helpful tips to keep your sugar level in check. Following them on a regular basis will make sure that you do not put your health at risk. Or else you might have to face symptoms like dizziness, infections, tiredness, blurred vision, etc. All dessert lovers who can’t stay away from sweets for too long can lower blood sugar levels through these hacks. Thus, they can enjoy their favorite meals without worrying about their health. However, being disciplined with these suggestions and lifestyle changes is a must. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How To Control Sugar Level To Avoid Health Risks

Supervise Your Carb Intake

Diabetic people must count the carbs in their every meal or snack. The reason is that our bodies break these carbohydrates that further produce glucose. Because it is a form of sugar, it raises our blood sugar level. In other words, the fewer carbs you eat, the better. To do so, you should get assistance from a certified nutritionist. They can curate a perfect diet and suggest which nutrition supplements you should consume. Hence, you can absorb all the essential vitamins and minerals even with your limited diet. In most cases, people with diabetes intake 60gm of carbs in each meal and 20gm in snacks. It is an ideal amount that can keep your sugar level in the normal range.

Hydrate Well To Maintain A Normal Sugar Level

Water has so many health benefits that too in every physical aspect. Here, it plays the role of diluting the glucose present in your system. Then, it reaches our kidney, where it flushes the extra glucose through urine. Hence, drinking lots of water is helpful advice if you want to lower blood sugar levels instantly. Other than that, water aids in reducing insulin resistance and making your body more sensitive to it. We will later cover the food items that can assist you with the same objective. Not to forget that hydration works exceptionally well in weight management and strengthening immunity. We need improvement in both of these factors to control our blood sugar levels. Thus, it is time to put a reminder on your phone to drink at least eight glasses of water.

Get More Fibre, Protein, Chromium, And Magnesium

Certain nutrients and elements can act as both sources to control blood sugar as well as immune booster. The ones that are supremely important are fiber, protein, chromium, and magnesium. Each one lowers sugar by secreting insulin, slowing digestion, controlling sugar spikes, and so on. Therefore, they must consume food items rich in these nutrients, like guava, rice, oatmeal, cereals, beans, lentils, soy nuts, etc. They can also take the benefits of guava leaves, curcumin, aloe vera, and other such herbs to manage their glucose. Having these healthy food items will also keep them safe from high sugar symptoms. Plus, these nutrients contribute to keeping our immune system intact. So, it is right to say that your diet needs a healthy twist as soon as possible.

Manage Your Sleep Schedule And Weight

One of the primary good sleep benefits is the reduction in unhealthy blood sugar. Believe it or not, having a good sleep schedule can drastically affect your physical well-being. When a person is in a deep sleep, his muscles, fat, body cells, etc., absorb glucose. It makes the sugar level more stable while reducing the risk of any sudden spike. Thus, drink lots of water and sleep well to lower blood sugar levels. On the other note, some reports state that poor sleeping schedules can risk high blood sugar in our bodies. Thus, it is necessary that you are strict about your sleeping timings. Attempt to get sleep of at least seven to eight hours. If you are going through any sleeping trouble issues, try melatonin sleeping pills a shot. They are non-addictive in nature and very effective in calming our nervous cells.

Have Diet That Improves Your Insulin Sensitivity

The eating choices of a sugar patient need to be very clever and healthy. The focus is to have meals that are low in carbs, rich in fiber & nutrients and improves insulin sensitivity. For instance, oatmeals, dry fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, etc. The fenugreek seed benefits the most by lowering glucose and decreasing insulin resistance. The other seeds, like flax and sunflower, are also effective for the same subject. Please note that it is preferable for our bodies to be insulin sensitive to avoid prediabetes. If not, it gets hard for our body to maintain the normal sugar range. Thus, the changes in diet that will assist in absorbing glucose and decreasing insulin resistance.

Avoid High Blood Sugar Symptoms Through Exercise

A good diet and exercise are the best combo to avoid or treat any health trouble or disorder. Talking about high sugar, you can become better at controlling those if you follow a few routines regularly. You can begin your day with cardio, like walking, dancing, running, jogging, jumping ropes, biking, and many more. Exerting your energy through physical actions can lower blood sugar levels almost instantly. A good workout session can enhance insulin sensitivity in our bodies. Moreover, burning calories is always a good idea when you want to lower body glucose naturally. However, you must work out three to four days weekly to get the best results.

Learn To Deal With Stress

Stress is the slowest poison of all time. The better you manage stress, the easier it is to lower blood sugar levels. Our stress triggers a hormone called cortisol. When this hormone is spiked up more than required, it gets harder for insulin to function properly. That slows down the absorption, dilution, and excretion process of glucose. It eventually causes high blood sugar. The best solution is to take steps like meditation to reduce stress. Invest your time into things that bring peace, calm, and happiness to your life. Doing so will release adrenaline or dopamine in your brain, which reduces the negative effect of cortisol in your body. Thus, go for a walk, listen to music, hang out with friends, and follow a hobby. All these things are stress busters. They keep our minds sane and refuse to let cortisol disturb our body system or blood sugar level.

The Ultimate Sugar Control Diet And Lifestyle!

Health troubles like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, etc., demand to transform our living cycle. They all are incurable; hence, the best thing to do is to keep them in control. This way, the intensity of their side effect will be inferior and bearable. In this case, the patient must reduce sugar in their meals and beverages. Plus, they shall infuse the above habits into their lives. It will help them sustain their disease so that it does not cause any hindrance in their work or health. However, they can give themselves a treat once in a while by taking proper precautions. Nevertheless, they should be prepared for the worst, as well, by having remedies to lower blood sugar levels handy.

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