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Tips to Tackle Mood Swings

Mood swings definitely play a major role in our lives as it rules our feelings and actions, and if not managed on time can turn into havoc and lead to depression and anxiety. A study by Niedenthal and Setterlund (1994) also states that moods can influence how individuals interpret certain things that are harmonizing with their current mood.

It is caused by both physical and psychological states and the most common are depression, hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle, bipolar disorder, self-harm, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). General symptoms of variation in thoughts are anger, irritability, lack of sleep, feeling exhausted, headache, overthinking, restlessness, etc.  Hence, it becomes necessary to manage mood swings as it affects our daily lifestyle and majorly happiness.

Here are some tips for mood management:

Diet Change


We often ignore this element but the food and its nutrients can have a big impact on our mood. People facing this illness should include chillies as it triggers the brain to release endorphins, Brazil nuts or crab as these are rich in mood managing selenium, eggs for mental functioning, vitamin b supplements, walnuts, and pudding. Honey can also aid in this because The National Headache Foundation in the USA claims that it helps the body break down alcohol faster and diminish hangover.

Be Optimistic

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Try to view problematic situations from a positive perspective, and instead of being upset or depressed, look at the things as a challenge or opportunity to learn and grow.  Whenever you feel stressed, take a minute and think about the stuff for which you are grateful like your friends or family. It certainly helps in making you a happier person and avoids stress.


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Exercise is better for both physical and mental health. One should go for jogging or opt for a ten-minute walk daily in the morning in the fresh air, and if there is still daylight, you can benefit from the salutatory effects of the sun.

Time Management

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Manage your time skills by getting everything organised, and put your living or working place in good order, then focus on the stuff that needs to be done because procrastination only increases the feeling of uneasiness and worries.

Sleeping Habit

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A proper sleep of eight hours is mandatory because a lack of sleep leads our brain and body to have no energy to perform any task and thus, making us unproductive. Carrie Bearden, a PhD bipolar disorder expert, states that it is common for a person with bipolar disorder to stay up late at the night surfing Internet, watching TV, playing video games which can turn mood swings into a worse mode.

Although with the lifestyle we all live these days, it is quite difficult to cope any illness without any difficulty but with these tips, we hope you will be able to manage anxiety, depression and control mood swings.

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