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7 Best Type of Meditation to Achieve Enlightenment

meditation types and their benefits

Most of us are aware of several benefits of meditation in our bodies that come through in all three aspects, i.e., physical, mental, and emotional. However, even though we all know and agree to it, hardly a few percentages of people are actually able to implement it in our lives. The reason could be not being able to focus on it or missing days in between, which leads to discontinuation. Hence, we are here to tell you the other forms of meditation that you can try and enforce in your lives. You can start by deciding what improvements you are expecting out of meditation. For instance, if you are looking forward to meditation effects on the brain, you can follow mindfulness meditation. If you want physical improvements, you can follow movement meditation. So let’s get into what these both methods are and many other types one can meditate through.

Types Of Meditation Practices You Can Follow

Movement Meditation

The first up on our list is the movement meditation. This is something that many of you must be doing already but are not aware that we count it as meditation. Movement meditation is equivalent to physical exercises or workouts that you do to energize your body and mind. It is the best immune booster for every one of us. This meditation allows us to feel the senses of our bodies in a better form. Doing so helps us feel the different muscles and bones that we generally do not pay much attention to, like elbows, cheeks, knees, and so on. It also involves stretching, which is beneficial to our health. People who understand the importance of gut health know how crucial it is. You do not have to isolate yourself to find inner peace. Sometimes being in action can also lead you to the same destination.

Spiritual Meditation

As the name suggests, spiritual meditation is the meditation that revolves around the spiritual and religious beliefs on the one. It is a practice that one obeys in order to connect to the higher power, the universe, or god. There is a vast diversification in this category. It depends on what religion, god, or rituals you want to observe so that you can meditate as per. The benefits of meditation through spiritual energy is that it assists you in finding the true meaning of life. It helps you make your own way through a lot of obstacles and hurdles life throws at you. Plus, there are several valuable lessons that spirituality taught us better than other sources. Hence, if you are someone who seeks eternal truth and wants to explore things that are beyond the chaotic world, spiritual meditation is for you.

Mindfulness Meditation For Brain Health

Mindfulness meditation is the brain practice where it focuses on slowing down your stress, anxiety, and racing thoughts. Pay attention to every single thought that passes through you during this time. Try not to judge it or get too involved with that thread. Just observe how your brain is working while you are allowing yourself to cool down. All the meditation benefits for the brain, people talk about mostly come from mindful meditation. It helps you sharpen your memory, increase focus, improve mental health, and reduce depressive thoughts. You will notice how your decision-making skills drastically improve by following this form of meditation. The best way to do it is by ensuring that you are within a secure and peaceful place. Only then would you be able to let go of foreign thoughts that are troubling your mental peace.

Visualization Meditation

This meditation is what many experts suggest to be the best home remedy to sleep well at night. The name itself expresses what you have to do in this form. Here, you need to visualize any event, dream, or goal you desire to achieve. Ensure that you are visualizing positive energy and events that you would want to come true at some point in your future. Now, hold that thread in your mind and imagine the outcome transforming into real life. What will be your emotions, reaction, behavior when you achieve that aim in your life. It will help you get clearer on your objectives and work towards them with utmost dedication. Visualization meditation is the first step to bringing regular meditation into your life. The benefits of meditation in this form are better sleep, more relaxation, physical and emotional well-being, reduced stress and anxiety, and so on.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is a very well-known technique in several religious communities like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Basically, in this form of meditation, you need to chant a repetitive sound or mantra during the whole period of meditation. The sound can be as short as a single word like “Om” or as long as a stanza. You can recite it slowly or loudly, depending on your preference. There are several benefits of meditation that you can draw from this technique. First, it helps you calm your mind and soul. It is an ancient technique that our ancestors used to follow when they wanted the right guidance or peace. Second, it reduces depressive symptoms. It involves overeating, sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest, and many more. Third, it awakens emotional intelligence.

Focused Meditation To Reduce Stress

For some of us, it is very difficult to close our eyes and block our thoughts. We usually fail to concentrate on our thoughts or focus on a blank space. If you could relate, focused meditation is the answer for you. In this meditation, you can pick any object, sound, or sensation that you would like to concentrate on for a few minutes. You can achieve a clear mind by using that as your focal point. There are many positive effects of meditation on the body that one enjoys while doing focused meditation. Some of them are betterment in emotional health, fighting addictions, enhancing self-awareness, generating compassion or kindness, and so on.

Body Scan Meditation

This type of meditation is where you concentrate on different body parts and bodily sensations that unlock new awareness. You have to concentrate on everything between your head to toe. It is like a mental scanning where you notice every movement, sense, tension, discomfort, aches that surrounds you. You can also consider this meditation as a healing or self-care process. The meditation benefits for skin like improvement in complexion, fewer wrinkles, slowing down the aging process, etc., heightens through this technique. It is suggestible that you follow this when you are unwinding yourself for the night. As it can also improve the sleep quality and relaxation of our bodies.

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