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Essential Vitamins For Senior Citizens – Stay Young

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As a person grows old, their body weakens. There are a lot of changes that they have to face and deal with. It increases the need for essential vitamins for senior citizens even more than youngsters. For young adults, it is about developing, staying fit, and being active, but for the elderly, it becomes a matter of not attracting deficiencies and diseases. In fact, after a point, their body finds it hard to absorb nutrients on their own. So they require some extra vitamins and supplements that can aid them in that process. So let’s see what are those nutrients that their meals must contain.

Essential Vitamins And Minerals That Should Be Present In Meals Of Senior Citizens


Calcium is an important nutrient no matter what age group. For a child, they are crucial for the development process. Young adults need calcium to stay strong and maintain themselves. Now, when it comes to seniors, they need it for good bone support and healthy ageing. Not having enough calcium can lead to its deficiencies which is equal to an open invitation to many diseases at that age. The side effects can go up to as severe as brittle bones or even diseases like osteoporosis.

It is a medical condition where your bones become fragile from the loss of tissue as a result of hormonal changes, or calcium deficiency. This condition is more common in women after they pass the menopause phase. According to a report, a man should take 1,000 milligrams of calcium while women should have 1,200 per day. If they are not able to meet this standard, they can take the help of calcium supplements. Examples of foods that are rich in calcium are spinach, yogurt, kale, cheese, and many more.

Vitamin B12

After a certain age, the body is not able to absorb B vitamins. It includes vitamin B12 as well. The scientific theory behind it is that the stomach acid decreases and becomes unable to break down and absorb B vitamins as efficiently as when we’re younger. But vitamin B12 comes under essential vitamins for senior citizens and their bodies cannot afford to ignore it. It is because they require it for healthy nerve function, heart health, and blood pressure. In fact, studies have found out that most cases of brain disorders were the result of deficiency of vitamin B12. Seniors need at least 2.2 micrograms of B vitamins each day. Foods that are rich in B12 would be meat, cheese, milk, eggs, and many more. If you cannot include these foods in their meals, you can always buy health supplements in India that will provide you with that in adequate amount.

Vitamin B6

The purpose of Vitamin B6 is slightly different than B12. The old age group needs this because it assists in the proper function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the individual. This quality makes it instantly an essential vitamin for the body because elders need it most after a certain period. You can find vitamin B6 in oats, bananas, peanuts, soybeans, and many more. Not consuming them in the right quantity will cause a deficiency that brings peripheral neuropathy, depression, seizures, and other such diseases with them. Therefore, they can take supplements for it from reliable brands like Curae Health that will ensure their body gets all those nutrients in the right way.

Vitamin B9

Another vitamin in the list of essential vitamins for senior citizens is B9 it has other names like folate or folic acid. This nutrient is important for elders because it helps in the formation of red blood cells. After an age, if a person is not taking a balanced diet, the formation can slow down and be harmful as well. Plus, B vitamins are generally the best vitamins for brain health in comparison. Examples of some foods that are good in B9 are sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and many more.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the body as it gives support to skeletal health. It is a requirement in old age because the bones are getting weaker and weaker every day. If they do not take the right nutrition, they can attract many bone disorders and illnesses like arthritis. Therefore, the elders need nutrients and vitamins that can assist them in building and protecting bones. The other benefits that vitamin D provides to the body are relief from diseases like cognitive decline, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

The reason it is able to give so much to the body is its capability to increase the absorption of other vitamins such as calcium. Experts recommend that one should get at least 400 -600 IU (International Units) of vitamin D every day. If their eating habits do not allow this, then they can always rely on the best supplements for health. Food that is the best source of vitamin D would be cereals, milk, dairy products, eggs, fish, and many more. It is best to include them at breakfast more than any other meal.

Vitamin C

Other essential vitamins for senior citizens would be vitamin C. It plays a major role in strengthening our immune system along with metabolism. Doctors suggest increasing the level of vitamin C for those patients or elderly that are facing cataracts or vision loss. Because it is very effective in increasing the eyesight be it a child or a senior citizen. Please note that vitamin C is a nutrient that your body can get only through outside sources. Hence, without having a balanced or healthy diet, the probability of having a deficiency of vitamin C increases. It could be a big problem for them as it attracts many illnesses. Still, if they are not able to take that through their diet, you can try a multivitamin supplement. They will contain all micronutrients and vitamins in an adequate amount. Doctors suggest having at least 75 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C every day. You can find this nutrient in many fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, oranges, broccoli, and many more.

Omega Fatty acids

It is another nutrient that is beneficial to elders. There are two types of omega fatty acids that elders should concentrate on more. Firstly, omega 3 fatty acids and then omega 6 fatty acids. They both are healthy fats and play a major role in keeping the body energetic. The other advantages of these two nutrients are they help in improving vision, joint function, and keeping the person active. Just like how we are conscious of including minerals and vitamin food in our meals, we should also consider food that gives omega fatty acids.

The senior citizens will see effective results in arthritis as well by consuming foods that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. We also recommended it to people who want to decrease the progression of macular degeneration. It is a condition that affects the eyesight of older individuals. We would suggest you combine the best probiotic for gut health supplements and omega fatty acid-rich food to boost its benefits. Some examples of those foods would be walnuts, soybeans, seafood, and many more.

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