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What Are The Vitamin For Hair Loss Prevention?

essential vitamin for hair loss

The best way to deal with hair problems is to focus on vitamin for hair loss prevention. Even cosmetic companies use these nutrients as prime components. Thus, we will share the essential vitamins and minerals you need to put an end to your hair fall. They all promote healthy hair by serving different purposes. This blog covers all the hair growth vitamins for men and women that beat baldness or bald patches. You will know what role each one of them plays regarding your hair and scalp. So as per that information, you will be able to identify which vitamin you need to put more focus on. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the details.

What Are The Essential Vitamin For Hair Growth?

Vitamin C Is Best For Collagen Production!

It is a water-soluble vitamin that is generally present in citrus fruits and green vegetables. Their role is tissue repairment and support collagen production. Sometimes, when we are facing oxidative stress, it often disturbs the health of our hair. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and is the best vitamin for hair loss. So when our defence system fails to defeat that stress, vitamin C is there as a supporter. It protects and strengthens our hair strands. But, if you fail to intake this vitamin in the proper amount, you may have to face dry hair and split ends. The best sources of this vitamin are oranges, broccoli, potatoes, sprouts, strawberries, and many more.

Use Biotin For Hair Loss!

Biotin is the vitamin B7 from the B-complex family. It uses fat and carbohydrates from our bodies and applies them in metabolic processes and keratin production. This quality further improves the rate of follicle growth in our hair. People use biotin for hair growth to repair and restore hair development. The better your follicle growth rate is, the heavier the volume of your hair is. Please note that our body does not store biotin for a longer period. Hence, it is important that you have vitamin B7-rich food in your meals like mushrooms, bananas, legumes, nuts, seeds, and so on. You only need 5 milligrams of biotin every day to get effective outcomes. The other best alternative would be to have biotin health supplements. They will not only satisfy the daily need for vitamin B7 in your body but will also consist of other vitamins that are good for your skin and hair.

Zinc Promotes Tissue Growth!

The next nutrient we will talk about, which is good for your hair, is zinc. You will mostly find it in meats, poultry, fish, seafood, etc. It is the best vitamin for hair loss because of its prominent role in tissue growth. Zinc can repair and replace the tissues and strengthen the hair roots. In fact, it also provides assistance in regulating the oil glands near the hair follicles that keep them strong and healthy. Having zinc deficiency can reverse the process and lead to terrible hair fall. Therefore, you must intake good vitamins for hair growth like zinc to protect yourself from such circumstances. Foods that have a high amount of zinc are red meat, beans, oysters, whole grain, and so on. If you are a vegetarian, focus more on dairy products and fortified cereals. They have enough amount to meet our day-to-day needs.

Vitamin E Are The Best Hair Growth Tablets!

Vitamin E is supremely famous for its skin and hair benefits. Whether it is the medical or beauty industry, they all know how impactful of a difference it can bring in our bodies. It also has antioxidant properties like vitamin C. Dermatologists generally suggest using vitamin E for hair growth and maintaining a healthy scalp. It is more like a one-stop solution to most hair problems. Whether it is the weak scalp, dry hair, dandruff, hair fall, bald patches, etc., vitamin E is capable of beating most hair-related troubles. If you want to have it in natural forms, add more plant-based oils, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc., to your plate. The other best alternative is to have multivitamin tablets that will cover this and the rest other vitamins in one pill.

Vitamin D Can Create New Hair Follicles!

It is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps regulate calcium and phosphate in the body. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of our teeth, muscles, hair, and bones. Its job regarding hair is to stimulate hair follicles. It comes under hair growth nutrients that support them to grow thicker and healthier. Try to take 50 micrograms of vitamin D daily. Do not exceed much as too much of it can also be toxic for the human body. Without the appropriate amount of vitamin D level in our bodies, it increases the risk of alopecia areata. Moreover, we need it for new hair growth, or it will keep them stunted. We all know that the best source of vitamin D is sunlight. Thus, if you stay indoors for the most time of the day, it is time to go for a walk or run in the daylight. You can also have them in the form of food through red meat, egg yolks, or fortified foods.

Bottom Line! Vitamin for Hair Growth

These are some of the nutrients that can help your hair grow better and healthier. It is a must that you are consistent with the consumption to watch significant results. Patience, consistency, and the correct guidance are the key to achieving any fitness goals that you may set for yourself. So now that you know all about vitamin for hair loss, we are sure you will be able to apply them rightfully. There are three ways to use these nutrients for your hair, i.e., diet, cosmetic products, or supplements. Make sure that whatever you choose for yourself is organic and safe from any other side effects. Also, look at the label before purchasing to know all about its nutritional value. Most hair growth tablets for women have the above-listed vitamins in them. Now you know the secret to healthy hair.

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