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Know What Vitamins For Bones Your Joints Are Asking For

Know What Vitamins For Bones Your Joints Are Asking For

We all know that there are certain nutrients that we need in abundance for our bone health. Today, we will address exactly those vitamins for bones and how they are beneficial for us. As we age, there is a risk that our bone density will start decreasing. Hence, we need proper nutrition and care to ensure that does not happen. This blog will cover every element that affects our bones in a positive way. You will also get to know about what food items you can consume in order to absorb those nutrients. So without taking much of your time, let’s get straight into the subject.

What Are Some Of The Minerals & Vitamins For Strong Bones And Joints?

Calcium Is The King!

If the discussion is on the bone, one cannot refrain himself from talking about this mineral. It is rightly so because it is the building block of our bones. The storage of almost 99% percent of calcium is in our bones. So yes, we cannot take a chance against it or else be ready for your calcium deficiency symptoms. So, why do our joints need this mineral so badly? It is because it regulates our blood circulation and helps with muscle control. We need efficiency in both the characteristics for decreasing your joint pain. Thus, you should have at least 800 – 1200 mg of calcium for bone. Anything less than that for daily consumption can increase your risk of muscle spasms, weak bones, cramps, brittle nails, and many more. As you age, you should focus more and more on calcium-rich foods. It includes milk, cheese, kale, okra, soybeans, and many more. If you still can not fulfill the daily calcium needs of your body, it is better to go with bone supplements.

The Combination Of Vitamin D And Calcium

Most people are surprised when they get to know about this extraordinary combination of these two. Please note that vitamin D plays a major role in supporting calcium. With growing age, the ability of our bones to absorb calcium on their own starts to decrease. Hence, we need a vitamin for bones like vitamin D itself to help us with this job. If you are consuming enough amount of calcium and still wondering why your bones are so weak, the reason is the lack of vitamin D. The best thing to do in this situation is to take a walk or exercise under the sun. This way, you energize your muscles and bones while absorbing vitamin D directly from the natural source. The next thing you can do is order the best calcium tablets for bones. Most calcium pills you find in the market have an adequate amount of vitamin D. Without this, one cannot truly enjoy the benefits of calcium. Lastly, you can have some red meat, eggs, mushrooms, or fortified foods that are rich in vitamin D.

The Unknown Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that we need for the body functions like tissue repairment. Even though it is a micronutrient, it is still one of the most important vitamin for bones. Here are the reasons for stating so. It has a large part to play in all the collagen production that takes place in the bone matrix. Then, it can scavenge the free radicals present in our bodies that are harmful to our bones. Not to forget that this vitamin for bones also plays a healing role in bone fractures and repair. Thus, you may not require this in as much quantity as calcium or vitamin D, but that does not demolish its own significance. Several fruits or vegetables are there that can provide you with enough vitamin C. Bell peppers, kiwi, guava, amla, and strawberries are to name some of them.

Vitamin K Is Essential Vitamin For Bones

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that modifies certain proteins in our body. We require this nutrient for blood coagulation and the binding of calcium in bones. Studies suggest that it is very effective in regulating metabolism and blood calcium levels. Such vitamin for bones and muscles plays a role in blood clotting while supporting bone reabsorption. Vitamin K also participates in producing bone-related proteins for our bodies. So yes, there are several benefits that this vitamin serves for our bone health. Thus, if you want to recover from fracture, joint pain, or even osteoporosis, you need vitamin K in your life. It is the reason why most health supplements for bone have this vitamin as a must. We require one microgram of this nutrient for each kilogram of our weight. To achieve that goal, you can have green leafy vegetables. For instance, veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, etc., can give you good vitamin K.

Magnesium & Zinc Are Essential Minerals For Healthy Bones

Now that we have covered most vitamins, let’s also talk about other minerals that we require for good bone health. Nutrients like magnesium and zinc are very crucial for the development of our bones. We will go about them one by one. But before that, we would like to mention that they are prime components in the multivitamin tablet because of the health benefits that we are about to share. Magnesium has an important role in regulating our bones. It contributes to the high density of our bones while also protecting them against several bone disorders. Studies suggest that a lack of magnesium in our bodies can increase our risk of diagnosing osteoporosis. On the other hand, zinc is there for us to solve the purpose of skeletal growth and bone regeneration. All of us need this mineral for better bone metabolism and mineralization. Thus, we should also ensure that we grasp these minerals through our diet or supplement for the betterment of our joints.

Bottom Line! Benefits of Vitamin for Bone Health

Above is the list of the essential nutrients we need to maintain the health of our bones. You have to maintain the daily requirement and range in all the above vitamins and minerals to increase bone density and strength. Deficiencies in any of the above can be very damaging for your bones. It can weaken your strong bones and trigger joint pain. So, if you want to protect yourself from such happenings, you should eat good, nutritious food. You can also have bone supplements for the safer side to ensure that there is no lagging behind in any nutrient. Also, spend some time exercising. Physical movement is as necessary as vitamin for bones. All of these points will definitely ease your joint pain and strengthen your bone structure.

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