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Curae Health – Why Choose Us

Curae Health comes from a land where tradition meets modernity and supplements are your health partner. We believe in the power of healing from within, safely. This is why our scientists meticulously research every product, every ingredient, and every formula to provide you with only the best and safe to consume health supplements.

We have a little more convincing to do so, please read on…

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Curae Health is VEGAN certified!
Animals, plants, trees, and humans – we all are an essential part of nature’s ecosystem. We at Curae Health strongly believe in preserving the life of the living, which is why we have adopted the pace of nature and its secret – co-existence.

Made Safe
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Every single health supplement ingredient used by Curae Health is MADE SAFE Non-Toxic certified. Our philosophy is simple — “do no harm”, which is why we use only MADE SAFE Non Toxic and hand-picked ingredients from around the world that are not known to harm human health in any way.

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One word, one label, one brand – Allergy-certified & Curae Health. All the products formulated at Curae Health are allergen certified and free from Gluten, Crustacean, Milk, Egg, Fish, Nuts, Soy, and Sulphite, making our range of health supplements extremely safe to consume.

Cruelty-free Certified
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Just because animals can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t feel. We conduct extensive lab testing to check the efficacy of our products. However, NONE OF THEM ARE TESTED ON ANIMALS. Even our ingredients are safely and ethically sourced, ensuring they are free from toxins, chemicals, and cruelty.

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We have the official seal of approval from the alma mater of certifications – ISO. Our policies and philosophies are in line with the international quality standards set and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
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All our products are made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities. This simply means that we, at Curae Health, take care of the five essential Ps of GMP, namely, Primary Materials and Products, Premises, People, Procedures, and Processes to ensure you receive the purest, most effective health supplements.

HADSA (Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association)
From manufacturing to marketing, exports, and consumption, HADSA ensures the health and growth of the health supplement industry in India. So are we, which is why Curae Health adheres to the HADSA’s shared ethics and vision to foster a regulatory environment and commitment.

vigan FSSAI
Since most of our products refer to a food or food product that provides health benefits, along with all these certifications, Curae health has also acquired a certification from FSSAI, the largest legal authority that ensures the security of food products.

To comply with the FDA regulations, Curae Health labels every single product with the requisite ingredients, Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), and other essentials, providing our customers with the information they need to evaluate the safety of the products.

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